The Privateers

CoverAs Al-Qaeda grows bold in its attack against American interests, the President begins to pursue a new approach to America’s foreign policy. Worried about America’s aggressive image, the President forgoes military action and instead attempts to engage Al-Qaeda in negotiations for a peave coexistence.

When intelligence of a new threat emerges that puts thousands of American lives at risk, Congressional leaders become convinced that the President’s idea will only lead to the loss of American lives. Armed with a forgotten Constitutional provision and patriot Navy SEALs, Congress aims to meet America’s enemies and in the course, shift the balance of power in the United States. In the end, only The Privateers stand in the way of disaster.

The Privateers is Phillip Visnansky’s debut novel. A military/political thriller, it is available in print from Amazon, on the Kindle, and on the Nook. View the trailer on YouTube.