History author Phillip Visnansky writes and reflects on world history through articles, books, guides, & videos.

phil1(500x500)Clementine’s Nest is the online center of information chronicling Visnansky’s journey as he strives to make a lasting historical impact on the preservation and mass circulation of the stories that have shaped history.

How will history influence the future?

Clementine’s Nest offers multiple ways to join us in our continued journey to further our understanding of world history and its stakeholders.

Blog: The Clementine’s Nest Blog explores historical topics ranging in time from Colonial America through today’s current events.  Warfare strategy, the exploration of the American West, world leaders, space exploration, and much more are presented through detailed research as they relate to the development of our world.

Books: Visnansky’s most current novel, The Privateers, explores Somalian piracy and the ability of the United States Congress to intervene in Executive Branch policy decisions under the Constitution and is available in print on Amazon, on the Kindle, and on the Nook. View the trailer on YouTube.

Magazines: Explore our original articles as e-magazine downloads.  Organized by topic, e-magazines allow a more in-depth look into historical subjects of interest to you.

Research Guides: When researching history, we prefer using the primary source, or actual document, as a reference.  Trying to locate a document that is over a hundred years old is more difficult than it may seem.  Luckily governments, educational institutions, and others have digitized many primary source documents, making them accessible from any home computer.  Knowing what has been digitized and how to find it can be a maze all by itself.

With this in mind, Clementine’s Nest has created Primary Source Research Guides geared to helping people take their historical research to the next level.  Don’t settle for what a textbook has to say. Use our guides to locate a digital copy of the actual document and decide for yourself!  Some records even include transcriptions, which allow computers to scan for certain keywords, saving researchers a ton of time and frustration.  Check out our Primary Source Research Guides today!

Video Podcasts: Check out our YouTube Channel for the latest in our weekly series: Weekly History Review that highlights interesting historical anniversaries occurring during the calendar week.  Topics include military history, political history, space exploration, and pop-culture and are ideal for a quick trip down memory lane.

Coming Soon- How-to videos will also be available to supplement our Primary Source Research Guides to help users navigate the sources and their access systems.

Twitter: Follow our feed devoted to exploring the Lewis and Clark Expedition on a daily basis. Updated daily with entries from Lewis and Clark’s journals and other primary sources from the Corps of Discovery, this Twitter feed presents a way to walk with Lewis and Clark as they journeyed to explore the American West. Follow the Twitter feed: @LAndCToday

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